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The Lisbon Style Icons # 1

Dear Letter Lovers,

From Day 1, I had hoped and dreamed that Fabulous Letters From Lisbon would launch a section featuring what I like to consider 

| The Lisbon Style Icons |

The idea was quite simple: once a month choose a Lisboner with a hell of a lot of style, photograph their favourite looks and allow them to share with us their sources of inspiration and views on fashion

...So here we are...

Our 1st Lisbon Style Icon: 
| Matilde Azevedo Neves |

Matilde created an impact from Day 1.
Besides nowadays being my best friend, she is the woman with the greatest deal of personal style I have ever met, never afraid of pushing the bucket or being outrageous/avant garde

I remember running around Milan with Matilde 5 years ago. At the time it was all about simple make-up. She was already sporting red lipstick

I can still recall my saying "Matilde, you look like you've been eating out of a jam jar. That lipstick is absolutely ridiculous". And now I simply can't leave the house without my Guerlain Russian Red. 

And then there were the All Stars... 

It is now considered ever-so-cool for girls to wear chic little dresses with All Stars. It makes us feel more approachable, hip and juvenile. Matilde was again aware of this way before it became a style hit.

And again, I back in the day thought she had completely lost it...
But really she was flying high, a million miles ahead of the rest of us: 

  •  Style in a Sentence?
"Punk Princess meets Spring...
It's all about Leopards, Laces, Patterns and Flowers.  

"Music and Fashion. Musicians influence fashion and vice versa. They go hand in hand."

For Matilde, it's all about: 
Zoey Deschanel

Alexa Chung

 Kate Moss

  Vanessa Paradis

 Coco Rosie:

What do they have in common? 
"Easy style with a twist. It's all about flats, leggings, simple yet romantic dresses with an edge of London Punk". 

And finally.... Much to everyone's suprise...

Jack White

"I L-O-V-E his Style. He's Crazy."

  • Matilde's Favourite Designers?

"McQueen for his Skulls and Structures"

"Lanvin's Cuts and Colours"

"Vivienne Westwood's Punk Princess Goes Goth in London"

  • Key elements in your outfits and wardrobe:

"I L-O-V-E creating outfits that are reminiscent of Flowers."

Look 1: The Black Poppy

This black number and fur collar belonged to Matilde's Grandmother. 

You should always make the most out of the vintage pieces you have at home. Never put anything a side. You can fix any piece of clothing by shortening it, dyeing it or mixing and matching.

"This dress reminds me of an upside down black poppy that's always crying, always in mourning"

Look 2: The English Tea Rose 

This dress was bought for the visit of Prince Charles and Camilla. Matilde was helping out at Monserrate, the largest English Garden outside of the UK located in Sintra, Portugal. As she was to be handing out roses, this Bimba & Lola Tea Rose Dress more than fit the occasion

"The English Tea Rose floats beautifully in the Lisbon Sunlight"

Lets not forget that flowers need to be watered

Here's Matilde's take on the perfect trench coat for when it 
Rains & Pours:

Look 3: Patterns for Work

"Dresses are great for work. My wardrobe is mostly made up of dresses. Dresses, tights and leggings. I live in tights. 
I'm not a trousers fan."

This pony dress was bought at Primark. I originally had my eye on it. Unfortunately it did nothing for me, and everything for Matilde:

These Zilian boots as well as the Primark bag both have have a crocodile feel to them

You have got to ♥ Primark

Look 4: Summer Music Festivals

Lisbon is all about music festivals in the summer time. Naturally, it is fundamentally important to choose the correct kind of outfit for such an occasion

The key is finding a perfect balance between: 
Comfort & Style

For Comfort: 

Matilde is of the opinion that the "fanny pack" is the best way to go at a summer festival:

  • Low risk of losing it
  • Easy access
  • No carrying around extra weight

For Comfort: 

"One should always go for closed flat shoes."

 Otherwise how on earth are you going to jump on stage and meet the band in person?

It's also a question of Safety & Hygiene. 

You're feet will inevitably get stamped upon. 
Do yourself a favour and keep them well protected.  

For Style:

Acessories, Acessories & Accessories

Please Note the Eclectic Range of Rings :

Please Note the Alexander McQueen Scarf and Vintage Gold Chain Necklace:


Matilde and the Accessory Factory

I'm sure you've all read (or at least seen) Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. As a child, there was nothing more incredible

A never ending supply of sweets and chocolate.

Matilde's wardrobe provides a similar sensation: 

An infinite stock of fantastic bags, shoes, bracelets, hairbands, necklaces and scarves from all over the world that each have their own story and particular time in history.  
Bimba & Lola: 

Vintage Leather & Gold Belt:

And then there are the shoes: 

Perfect Pradas:

A Never Ending Selection of Plumage for the Head:
Leather & Rubber Booties for the Rain: 

Swarovski 10 Year Edition Blue Crystals:

Fratelli Rosseti Aligator Pouch & Marc Jacobs Pink Clutch:

Vintage Fur Wrap and Broach:

Ferragamo Original Man Lace Ups:

Indian Silk Memories:

Indian Silver Memories for the Feet: 

Indian Delicacies Worth a Small Fortune: 

Italian leather Pink Butterflies:

The Teardrop: 
 "Every piece of jewelry has a story and memory. Even if you don't love a piece, you should always wear it. I like to wear to my memories"


And with this comes the end of our 1st Lisbon Style Icon Session.


Thank you Matilde for sharing all of these influences and styles with
 Fabulous Letters from Lisbon

It was a privilge to have you as your 
1st Lisbon Style Icon

All Photographs are copyright of Fabulous Letters From Lisbon.
Credits to Francisco Steinwall

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Lots of Love From Fabulous Lisbon,


C.L.V & Francisco Steinwall


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