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Estée Lauder's Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign Hits Lisbon: Think Pink

Last Thursday, the 13th of October, Estée Lauder launched its annual Breast Cancer Awareness campaign and Pink Ribbon products right here in Lisboa at El Corte Inglés.

PR3D, the communication agency responsible for bringing the VIP's and journalists together, kindly invited me to event where I learnt about this year's Pink Ribbon items and the efforts the Lauder empire has been making worldwide helping women deal with breast cancer. 

Lisbon Location:  

  • El Corte Inglés: Lisbon's luxury retailer (Those who have visited Spain may find this funny considering ECI is virtually around every corner, but for us Lisboners it's the best, especially when it comes to the quality of its service) more precisely at the Estée Lauder Stand
      VIPs at the Breast Cancer Awareness Launch Campaign, Estée Lauder Stand @ El Corte Inglés

      The Campaign :

      This year's campaign has an important focus: 
      The Estée Lauder company chooses a particular topic for each of its yearly campaigns. Awareness is related to the company's effort to remove the taboo and stigma related to Breast Cancer. 
      The Estée Lauder local PR representative Alexandra Moreira confided that it's not just about curing the disease. The aim is encourage women to take preventative action:
      • By regularly going for mammograms;

      • By making general breast care a priority. 
      Another of the main objectives is to unite women all over the world in a community that is honest, strong, supportive and proactive when it comes to dealing with, preventing and creating international awareness regarding breast cancer. 

      And it's all because of this woman, Evelyn W. Lauder: 
      Evelyn Lauder and Liz Hurley at Bloomingdales, in Septmeber of 2010 for the Estée Lauder social media event to promote Breast Cancer Awareness (Photo by Bauer Griffin)

      Evelyn Lauder took an interest in Breast Cancer in 1992. It remains unclear to world whether Lauder herself was diagnosed or whether it was a close friend. Nonetheless, close contact with the illness caused sufficient impact that that same year, Evelyn, in partnership with Self Magazine, created the Estée Lauder Pink Ribbon. Since then and nearly 20 years later, the campaign has grown monumentally.

      What are the main elements?

      • The Pink Ribbon Products: 

      Every year, the Estée Lauder headquarters selects from its current product portfolio a number of items for the Pink Ribbon Campaign. This year, Evelyn H. Lauder, vice-president of Estée Lauder, went as far as to commercialize her favourite shade of lipstick for the collection.

      The Pink Ribbon Collection  items made available for purchase in Portugal are as following:

      • The Evelyn Lauder Lip Set: A Pure Colour Long-Lasting Lipstick in Evelyn Lauder's favourite shade of pink, accompanied by a Pink Croc-Embossed Clutch.
      • Perfectionist with Charm: The best-selling wrinkle correcting serum that comes with an exclusive Pink Ribbon Key Chain. 
        • The Pink Ribbon Key Chain is made up of two charms: a pink ribbon (how fitting) and medallion featuring the Estée Lauder logo. 

      In Portugal, 56% of the retail value of each item purchased will be donated to the Portuguese Cancer League's movement "Vencer e Viver" ("Live it and Beat it").

      • Distribution of Informative Breast Cancer Pamphlets and Pink Ribbons
      During October,  millions of informative pamphlets and pink ribbons shall be distributed in perfumeries all over the country. By the end of this month, The Estée Lauder Companies projects to have distributed 115 million pamphlets worldwide. 

    • Partnership with Phillips - Think Pink

        In 2000, The Estée Lauder Companies negotiated an important deal with Phillips instilling a very bright reminder of Breast Cancer Awareness: The illumination of historic monuments and buildings all over the world. In Pink.

        This year, the initiative broke a Guinness World Record: “Most Landmarks Illuminated for a Cause in 24 Hours.”, 40. On the 1st of October, Liz Hurley, the brand's spokeswomen,  announced the good news via Twitter:
        “Estée Lauder Companies has a Guinness World record! We’re thrilled. Great cause & great result. Thanks to everyone who helped xx.” 

        Now, let's take a look at those buildings:
        The White House, Washington DC (Win McNamee/Getty Images)
        Parliament Building, Canada (AP Photo/THE CANADIAN PRESS/Pawel Dwulit)
        River Danube's Chain Bridge, Budapest (REUTERS/Bernadett Szabo)
        Cristo Redentor, Rio de Janeiro (AP Photo/Felipe Dana)
        Cristo Redentor, Rio de Janeiro (AP Photo/Felipe Dana)
        Le Royale Hotel, Jordon (REUTERS/Ali Jarekji)
        Mayan Pyramids Mexico (REUTERS/Jacinto Kanek)
        The London Eye
        The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, India
        Sydney Opera House, Australia

         Above from Left to Right: Harrods and the Tokyo Tower.

        And last but most definitely not least:

        The Empire State Building, New York City

        Hats off for The Estée Lauder Companies:

        The campaign is achieving high global media coverage and the results from past years have been more than positive. Since it's beginning in 1993, the Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation has raised over 315 million dollars which have been used to support the most advanced and promising research for the cause.

        If you wish to help, well you know what to do:

        • If you're living in Portugal, visit the Estée Lauder stand at El Corte Inglés in either Lisbon or Gaia;

        • (If you're reading this and you have never lived or visited Portugal, do it now! Trust me it's amazing!)

        For those of you who have been hit by the crisis and who are unable to literally consume the products, don't worry, you can still help COMMUNICATE and CONQUER:

        Visit your global Estée Lauder Facebook Page and leave your message of hope for the women fighting breast cancer in your country. It's so easy, I've already left mine.
        Go on, you know you want to:

        And before I forget: a special thank you to Pedro Coutinho de Lucena and PR3D for having invited me to this event:

        Fellow Blogger Pépa Xavier, PR3D's Pedro Lucena and Myself at the Estée Lauder stand at El Corte Ingles, the 13th of October.

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