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Gucci : A Love Affair with High Society Since 1920.

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Last Thursday it was announced that Princess Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco is to be the new face of Gucci, for the brand's latest campaign:

|Forever Now|

Timeless Beauty & Modern Allure. 

"No one captures the dual spirit of Gucci better than Charlotte Casiraghi. 

Beginning this month, the accomplished equestrian and longtime friend of the House will be the protagonist in Gucci’s new “Forever Now” campaign. 


Over the next two years, four different acclaimed photographers will capture Ms. Casiraghi in a series of images that celebrate Gucci icons. 

We begin this month with the inaugural sitting, shot on location in a stable by renowned lensman

 | Peter Lindbergh |

Evocative yet intimate, the image showcases the instantly recognizable Gucci green and red stripe."


| A heritage long characterized by the glamour of 
horse riding |

Guccio Gucci launched his leather goods company and small luggage store in the 1920's in Florence. 

But the inspiration behind the brand actually emerged in London where Gucci observed the refined aesthetic of English nobility while working in the Savoy Hotel.

I bet you weren't expecting that. 

Most of brand's clientele was made up of local horse-riding Italian Aristocrats seeking Guccio's "equestrian-inspired collection of bags, trunks, gloves, shoes and belts 

....and their demand for riding gear led Gucci to develop its unique Horsebit icon."

The trademark green-red-green web stripe, derived from a traditional saddle girth appeared in 1953

It became an instant success and an instantly recognizable hallmark of the brand.

Other icons you should be aware of?

| The Bamboo Handle |

The use of bamboo came about during WWII when foreign supplies were dwindling under the fascist regime. 

The bamboo bag was immensely popular among royals and celebrities

Queen Paola of Belgium

| The Flora Pattern |

"In the 1960's Gucci answered a personal request by Grace Kelly and created the now famous Flora silk print scarf for the Monaco princess."

 | Gucci: Back to Basics |

We live in a time where luxury fashion brands are no longer selling just clothes:

It's all about lifestyle. 

And this isn't the first time we talk about this here a Fabulous Letters from Lisbon.

The extensions started with perfumes and cosmetics. Now, Cavalli runs cafés and discos, Armani sells chocolates and flowers and Bvulgari hosts at hotels.

...And yet Gucci is keeping is simple...

Don't get me wrong.  

The Forever Now campaign reeks Gucci lifestyle.

But the focus is on Brand Heritage. Forever Now translates the essence upon which Gucci was created:  

A Brand for the Lifestyle of the Noble
And this current campaign only reaffirms Gucci's positioning as a Brand for the Elite.

And we're not just talking about a financial elite,
We're talking about a social Elite:

An elite that is fading in many nations, brought up on good manners, riding, hunting and a sense of discretion. 

| The refined, La classe superière |

As mentioned previously, Gucci has been a favourite among high society since the beginning. 

The Jackie O'
The former first lady had a bag named after her which gave way to one of Gucci's most popular designs


The Princess of Wales was a big fan of The Bambo and put it back on the map. 


But the brand's relationship with the  Royal Family of Monaco is One of a Kind

Grace, Caroline & Charlotte for Gucci

 It's all about Heritage & Tradition
A club your certainly can't buy your way into. 

Make no mistake. 
And this is what creates  the appeal.

Those belonging to the elite identify with the Princess, her traditions and lifestyle

More importantly:

Those who don't will shop the merchandise in order to associate themselves with these specific value as well as the glamour of a princess and her way of life.


| Gucci is no fool |

Despite it's love affair with elite, don't be fooled:

Gucci caters to all tastes.  

It's vital consumers identify with the brand on a personal level.

James Franco for Gucci

Forever Now may focus on heritage and brand identity.. But Gucci is aware of the importance of catering to the masses as much as Kate Middleton is aware of the benefits of wearing Zara

Rihanna for the Gucci Tattoo Heart Collection

If Gucci exclusively catered for the elite we defined earlier it would be missing out on a monumental part of the market. 

Having said this, anyone can purchase the Gucci Fiat 500 

It's about status and the pure essence of luxury. 
A perfect example of a simple brand extension strategy.


In this day and age and the given financial crisis, profit is derived from a very different selection of consumers than those Guicco served back in 1920. 

And the market has adapted accordingly. 

The models featured in the campaign below we not chosen by chance.

They have a assertive Eurasian traits. 

Why you might ask? 

Because Russian consumers are big spenders, and more and more brands are aware of this and targeting this niche accordingly.

And just before wrapping up let's not forget:

 Gucci always made a point of "escorting" the primetime Rich & the Famous. 

It never did any harm, much on the contrary.
Ringo Star & Gucci

| So what lies ahead? |

The so-called Lifestyle brand is said to be strategy of the future,  making sure the brand present in every aspect of a consumer's life.

But some brands still choose to focus less on material aspects of life and more on the inherent intangible values and history connected to their heritage

Both strategies are profitable, it remains to be seen which of the two is most reliable given the current changes and demands of the luxury market. 


 So here's to Gucci: 

Because every now and then it's nice to go Back to Basics and remember where it all began

Forever & Now, Forever Now

 High Society & All That Comes With It
 Charlotte Casiraghi & Frida Giannini

Charlotte Casiraghi for Gucci 

"A woman with the innate ability to combine family traditions with a uniquely modern attitude" Frida Giannini

| Forever Now | 

Check out the behind the scenes footage from  
| Forever Now |


The images used in this post are all copyright of Gucci and taken from the Official Gucci Website

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