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The House of DKNY: Behind Every Fragrance there is Story

Dear Letter Lovers,

About two weeks ago I was invited to attend the opening of the new DKNY space, The House of DKNY, organized by the communication agency PR3D, at El Corte Ingles right here in the centre of Lisbon. 

The space now reserved for DKNY is absolutely picturesque. Upon arriving one immediately feels transported into the world of Donna Karen and the Big Apple elements that make up the personality of this modern day brand.

The event in itself was very New York. All about the Hustle and Bustle and fast moving pace of the city that has captured the hearts of so many. 

But what's New York without cocktail hour? 

Lovely little waiters were thankfully rushing about with cosmopolitans or some other pink infused alcoholic concoction which we were more than happily to sip on. And let's not forget the pretty pink cupcakes from Portugal's very own national version of the Magnolia bakery.

So what was going on at this New York Style Beauty Gathering?

It was all about the Spreading of New York Fragrances and their Stories

Two of my lovely friends Catarina Cardoso Martins and Rita Palma were offering samples of the well known and highly successful DKNY frangrances

DKNY Eau de Toilette and Be Delicious.

Both of them are direct representations of NYC:
The Skyscraper and The Big Apple 

 Behind every fragrance there is a story:

Classic DKNY  

Dedicated to Rita Melo


About a week after the launch of the House of DKNY I happened to run into PR3D's CEO, Isabel Ribas. We got to talking about the DKNY fragrances and she told me the most wonderful story. 


Spanish Model Ester Cañadas on th set of a Donna Karen advertising shooting 1997 where she ran into fellow model Mark Vanderloo.



They fell madly in love. 

Donna Karen was so touched by the story that she asked the couple to be the face of the very first DKNY fragrance campaign:


The story of two models falling in love on set I'm sure is fairly ridiculous for all of you cynics out there reading this. I myself thought it sounded much too Hollywood...

But bear with me... 

Last year DKNY launched its new DKNY Original Fragrance campaign. Once again, the setting was to be all about the city the never sleeps.


Expectations were high given the success Cañadas and Van Der Loo brought to the last campaign with their blossoming love and overwhelming sexuality. 

You can't fake that kind of chemistry. Especially after you given the public a taste of the real thing. 


Models Anja Rubik Sasha Knezevic who also met on the job were asked to come forward and exude their passion for the fragrance's revamping. 

And I simply can not get enough of that campaign.


 Behind every fragrance there is a story:

Dedicated to Francisca Souto Moura

DKNY's newest scent:


DKNY's Pure has a slight different edge to it. 

The fragrance appeals to the more serene, sweet and docile side of the New York Woman

 But wait, there's more...

Estée Lauder's Local PR representative Alexandra Moreira fills me on the story behind this newest addition to the DKNY fragrance family. 

pureDKNY: Look Good. Feel Good. Do Good. 

"A Fragrance with a Conscious"
 "This is a scent that is sweeter, gentler and more feminine" It's mostly made up of Vanilla extracted from plantations grown sustainably by farmers in Uganda. 

For the creation of the this socially responsible fragrance, DKNY partnered up with an international development organization, CARE in order to break the cycle of poverty .

Though the principals of microfinance, the aim is to provide 900 Ugandan vanilla farmers, many of whom are women, with a greater quality of life.

According to Sephora.com the packaging is also environmentally conscientious 

"The bottle, organic in shape and inspired by a drop of water, appears to be formed by nature. 

The materials include 100% recyclable glass. 


It's box is made of sustainably harvested paper manufactured in a mill that uses 100% renewable energy.


The Candy Apples:  



Besides the wonderful stories I was being told that combined the elements of conscientiousness as well as fantasy...


The Lovely Rita Palma was handing out candy apple Be Delicious Bottles that we couldn't get enough of.  



So for those of you who believe in fairytales and for those of who are avid CSR cracks,
Take a Chance on DKNY.

The brand knows how to give you that 
Va-Va-Voom Fantasy that will Take Your Breath Away. 

But it also has a C-O-N-S-C-I-O-U-S and is doing what it can to make sure the dreams of the less fortunate can come true too... 

...A conscious which in my opinion is truly commendable. Instead of just throwing money at the problem the brand focused on strategic CSR ensuring that their efforts and donations will truly benefit those who need them most.  

Let's give it up for DKNY, love stories and CSR

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Lots of love From Fabulous Lisbon,


C.L.V and Francisco Steinwall.


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