Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Vintage in Town | Du Chic à Vendre

Dear Letter Lovers,

Lisbon is a city filled with Zara's, Massimo Duttis, Bershka's.

 Were a little low on luxury fashion brands, even though Gucci opened in January. And Vintage? 

| Well, it's like looking for a needle in a haystack |
And then I found Du Chic à Vendre
Photographed by Francisco Steinwall

Needless to say it's difficult to be original in Lisbon. 

| The supply is low |

On that note, nothing gives me greater pleasure than to share with you the store which truly embraces the best of Fashion Industry

And which truly is one of best kept secrets of the city 
Du Chic à Vendre
 Photographed by Francisco Steinwall

° From Prada, to Chanel, to Gucci, to Barbara Bui, to Escada,
 to Dior, to Manolo Blanik, to Etro, to Lanvin °

You name, they have it. 

And it's all one of a kind

Photographed by Francisco Steinwall

| Monique Geallad Sabbo has that Je-Ne-Sais-Quoi |

Owner and founder, Monique has a fine eye for selecting each individual piece that you can find on display in the store,  and all in perfect condition.

& What's truly remarkable is that the selection caters to all tastes and sizes.

► It's all very Retro ◄

Photographed by Francisco Steinwall

As we all know, Vintage can be expensive. Very expensive. 

After all, you're purchasing a unique piece that is out of production.

° But Du Chic à Vendre gives you the option to R-E-N-T items °

Isn't that lovely?

Photograph by Francisco Steinwall


° So what did I find? °

The Sequin Blazer | It's loud, it's 80's, it's very "Dallas".

...But I'm certain it looks amazing with black...

And that no one in Lisbon has a copy

► Except maybe Beyoncé


But she's all the way in the U.S of A 


And then there was the Gucci leather Bag

The longer I looked at it the harder it became to leave "G" behind. 

But thankfully will power kicked in at some point or another 


And for those of you who like to keep up to date with the 

  Fads of Fashion

° Velvet for the Boho Chics °

° Old Fogey goes Hunter for the Hipsters °

° Some Metallics for the Glamdolls °

° Transparency & Collars for the Goths °

 ...Here's a little extra...

 Check out the La Perla Mettalic Blazer Below

 ♡ Du Chic à Vendre : Chic for Sale 

Sale, Rent or Purchase

That's right, Monique buys local vintage from customers.

 So if you have an item that you would like to sell
►  Visit the store.


° Let's be original Lisboners ° 

 Du Chic à Vendre' Facebook Page

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Special thanks to Monique & Carolina Geallad Sabbo

Lot's of love from Fabulous Lisbon,




All Photographs are copyright of Fabulous Letters From Lisbon.
Credits to Francisco Steinwall


  1. Já tinha ouvido falar da loja, mas agora tenho absolutamente de ir lá!

  2. Tens mesmo! É fantástica e é todo o mundo. Podia ter ficado lá horas sem fim!


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