Friday, 9 March 2012


Dear Letter Lovers,

Over the past few days you've been hearing quite a lot about BAGUERA's latest collection:


"The Accessory that personifies the 21st Century Modern-Day Woman"

Today I'd like to introduce to you Wilma Faget:


Note to all readers: 

It's pronounced Vilma Fajet

Half-german, half-portuguese and with some frenchiness mixed up in middle, Wilma is a melting-pot of cultures, and this is clearly reflected in her sense of style.

I should know: Stylist Ana Fontinha and I raided her wardrobe for the campaign. 

And what did we find might you ask?

A boho-chic hipsters dream.

Hats, hats and more hats.
Red leather jackets & waistcoats, loose shirts belonging to Wilma's Dad, silk jumpsuits all the way from India.
 & Vintage, Oh so much Vintage.

Wilma is not a professional model.

She's a journalist who currents works in social media.  

But "on set" she was completely professional.

 |Wilma Faget for VECTORY by BAGUERA|

And we were difficult clients

Wilma walked up and down some of the steepest steps in Alfama about 50 times, in the sweltering heat of Lisbon without uttering a single word of protest

A great sport, always laughing and making fun of herself. 
Wilma was a pleasure to work with.

She's quirky, she's fun and has an absolutely stunning smile

Her look? Reminiscent of Jane Birkin, Charlotte Gainsbourg & Eva Green. All of them very I just out of bed, my hair is a mess and I don't function without coffee and a cigarette. It's sexy.

And with legs that are possibly over 1, 20m long
you really can't go wrong. Believe it or not we put her in heels

|Wilma Faget for VECTORY by BAGUERA| 

The perfect protagonist for VECTORY by DAY, Wilma brought life & colour to the degrading facades of the Lisbon buildings with the help of our neon VECTORY clutches.

Another Perfect Fit
Thank you Wilma. 


To learn more about Wilma's collaboration and the VECTORY collection visit the official BAGUERA website

All the photographs from this campaign are property of BAGUERA. Credits: Francisco Noguera

P.S You can now pre-order one of the VECTORY clutches by clicking here:

Lots of Love from Fabulous Lisbon,


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