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"Girly Tom Boy Wishlist" by Rita Melo

Lady Gaga poses as a Christmas Tree.

Dear Letter Lovers,

Christmas is just 10 days away and if your as Latin in your ways as I am you probably haven't yet got down to any of your Christmas shopping.

As mentioned in the previous Girly Girl Christmas Wishlist Post, Fabulous Letters From Lisbon shall be posting wishlists for all ages and genres

We're currently lining up a Children and Mother's edition for the end of the week. 

Below you can preview one of our Portuguese Present Selections for Mum's with Kids:

Catarina Macedo Ferreira's Family Photo Session Vouchers

If you have any questions please email us at

This edition is targeted at Girly Tom Boys 

I'm not an expert on the subject of the Girly Tom Boy, so I asked my dear friend Rita Melo to come up with her very own take on this edition's Christmas Wish List.  

 Rita Melo
One of my many Lisbon Style Stars

Because Rita is a girl with a very eclectic and personal sense of style that can easily be translated into a pertinent and up-to-date wishlist capable of satisfying the tastes of any trendy female, especially the girly tom boys

The Girly Tom Boy

Rita likes to classify her overall style as Girly Tom Boy. So if you have a daughter, niece, friend, sister or girlfriend who falls into this category, pay close attention. 

A girly tom boy is far more nonchalant than a girly girl. The hair is usually messy, the accessories simple, the looks and cuts of their clothes are relatively masculine with just a hint of femininity

Drew Barrymore, Kelly Osbourne, Jennifer Anniston and Chloe Sevigny all fall into the Girly Tom Boy Style Category.


The Tom Boy Girly culture is made up of leathers, black, biker boots, denim as well as leggings matched with allstars

There's a very rock'n'roll biker boho chic vibe.

Check out some of the casual tom boy girly day-to-day wear:

The feminine touch is still important. These girls like to glam-up, they simply go by it in a much less pink party frill dress manner. 

Florence Welch:

Alexa Chung is another classic example of the Girly Tom Boy.

Her look is boyish, slightly scruffy, relaxed and yet ever-so-chic


Rita Melo is the queen of mix and match

"I love mixing styles into one outfit" 

Lets take a look at some of Rita's Girly Tom Boy favourite looks:
  •   A girly dress with biker boots: 

  • Tight skirts with oversized cardis: 

  • Tight leggings paired with a large tshirt and fitted blazer:

  • Vintage pieces with fabulous heels:

  • Large dresses with belts and topped of with Ugg's: 

"Most of all, I like to feel comfortable!"

So let's get down to it:

The Girly Tom Boy Wishlist

1. Girly Tom Boy does Biker Boots:

Need a high street alternative?
             Zara € 79,95                   H&M € 29,95

2. Girly Tom Boy does Short Skirts:

  • Versace for H&M Skirts € 59,95 
(We suggest you look for them on ebay)


  • Zara Skirts

3. Girly Tom Boy does Comfortable Footware:

  •  Jeffery Campbell Elegant St Flats € 127

Shop the shoes at and

Need a High Street Alternative?

  • Red Wink Studded Slipper Shoes From DV by La Dolce Vita SALE  €60,53 from ASOS

  •  Buscher Glitter Slippers by Aldo SALE €50,44 from ASOS

4. Girly Tom Boy does Statement Necklaces:

  •  Linked Leaves Collar at ASOS - 47,08€



5. Girly Tom Boy does Glitter:
  • Sequin Silk Crepe Dress by J.Crew: 515€ 
  • Silver Samantha by French Connection: 234€ 

    • Winter Bex BeadsDress by French Connection Sale 127,50€

    6. Girly Tom Boy does Alexander Wang:

    7. Girly Tom Boy does Warm Knits:

    • Eights Jacket from Zara - 39,95€
    Just like Chloe... 

      8. Girly Tom Boy does Home Wear:

      Shop the collection at Leif

      • Six Teaspoons Set - 24€:

      • Tart Server - 12€

      • Butter and Jam Spreader -  5,25€:

      9. Girly Tom Boy dreams big...

      & rides a € 5561 Vespa :

      10. Rita Melo's Portuguese Treasure:

      • Glamorous Gloves from Luvaria Ulisses


      Purple Leather Gloves € 52

      11. CLV's Personal Favourite, Perfect for 
      Girly Tom Boys

      ♥ Hearts For Sale
      Another Portuguese Treasure

      Hardward Mix Bracelets 6-8€

      For orders contact
      or visit the ♥'s for Sale Facebook Page
      Agyness Deyn would love them, and so do we

      Keep in mind that even the Tommiest of Boys have a Girly Side. 

      Therefore, read, share and pass on our list

      Don't forget to go and visit the 

      If you have any questions or would like to suggest items for future wishlists email us at

      Lets make sure that our Girly Tom Boys get exactly what they want this year.

        P.S: No matter whether you're a girly girl, a tomboy or a hipster

       ...And at Fabulous Letters From Lisbon we know where to shop...

      Special thanks to Rita Melo
      Lots of love From Fabulous Lisbon,


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