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A Girly Girl's Christmas Wishlist

Dear Lisbon Letter Lovers,

Christmas is approaching, and from what I've been hearing, it's causing a lot of you a MASSIVE headache.

There are those who relish in Christmas shopping! Nothing gives them greater joy than buying gifts for their loved ones! Then there are those of us who wish the whole thing would be over as quickly as possible. Why?
  • Because we never know what to buy people;
  • The holiday takes a big dip into our finances;
  • The shops are overcrowded;
  • The lines for gift wrapping are never ending;
  • The fat we accumulate due to the over consumption of Christmas foods never seems to make it off our waistlines by the summer. 

    Therefore, Fabulous Letters from Lisbon has decided to come to your rescue and put together: 

     A Fabulous Christmas Wish List


    Here some important guidelines:

    • The Wish List is divided according to specific target groups. In other words, we'll have items for all different tastes, styles, ages and purchasing powers

      • Updates shall be made over the next three weeks. 
      • Please keep in mind, it is a wish list, therefore, sometimes, we tend to DREAM BIG, remember, what's the fun in wishing if you can't ask for something outrageous?

      If you wish to send in your own wish list with great ideas for us to share please email Fabulous Letters From Lisbon.

      So, here you have it: 

      The Christmas Wish List Part 1

      "Meninas Pirosas" or "Girlie Girls"

      All of us have a friend, girlfriend, sister, daughter or niece who is girly girl.  

      Before getting into the items we have cooked up for the girly girl's ideal Christmas, let's properly define the exact characteristics of this stereotype. 

      Note: Gentlemen, you most probably have all dated, are dating or shall in the future date a girly girl therefore pay close attention

      What is a girly girl?  

      As you know, here at Fabulous Letters from Lisbon, we're fans of  The Urban Dictionary. Who better to define our current slang than the kings of urban modern-day lingo themselves? 

        "An Education": Jenny Miller gets a girly girl education.

      Definition 1:
      • "A very feminine girl. Very feminine in her movements. Very feminine looking. What you call a girl that is very feminine."
      Below: Gwyneth Palthrow looking very feminine and a bit of a girly girl at the Venice Film Festival in a Prada bow dress

      Those of who live, breathe and consume Sex and the City will remember the epic moment when Miranda, after attending a dance class and failing to find her "inner goddess" confides in Carrie that she will never be a girly-girl

      Miranda: I'm never going to be a girly girl, I never will. I'm never going to be a lotus flower.
      Carrie: May I just say, thank God.
      Miranda: A girly girl would want her boyfirend to move in.
      Carrie: Yea, she also wears makeup to the gym.
      Miranda: And makes little hearts above her I's.

      Too vague? Need some more specifics? Let's dig a little deeper...

      Definition 2: 
      • Their favorite color is pink 
      • Likes shopping and skirts/dresses
      • Usually uses "Oh my gosh" " Oh my god" "Like"
      • If her clothes get messed up, she makes a scene
      • Hates mud/dirt
      • Into boys..and not the only friends way 
      • Carries a purse around

      Readers, take this definition with a pinch of salt... The Urban Dictionary gives you an overall view of what a Girly Girl is. Pink doesn't have to be her favourite colour. She isn't a Barbie doll.

      A Girly Girl in our opinion is a girl who has a general interest in fashion, cares for her appearance and grooming and is above anything else is highly feminine.

      Now, let's get down to our selection of the girly girl's Christmas goodies: 

      1. Girly Girl Does Rain:

      Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Rainboots: €100

      Especially dedicated to Hélène Doncieux

      (Click here and email fabulouslfl@gmail.com to find out where they're still available)

      2.  Girly Girl Does Work Accessories:

      "The Flouro" by The Cambridge Satchel Company: €114

      Click The Cambridge Satchel Company Site

      3.  Girly Girl does Red Lace 

      ASOS Red Lace Mini Dress : €64

      Especially dedicated to Stefania Palma

      Click HERE for the direct link

      4.  Girly Girl does Sexy Black Bodies: 

      ASOS Black Bodies: 
      • Spot Mesh Body Con SALE : €15 

      • Body with Sequin Heart : € 35

      5.  Girly Girl Does Sophisticated Accessories: 

      Uterque's Indo China Collection

      Especially dedicated to Christina Lock Vaz

      (Click to shop the Uterque Collection)
      • Earrings: €59.95

      • Evening Bag: €99.95

      .... and for those who Wish Big: Prada's New Jewellery Line....

      6. Girly Girl Keeps a Diary

      "For Girly Girls who never keep a Diary beyond Day 1"

      Especially dedicated to Rita Melo

      Click here to shop the  The Simple Diary Online
      • The Simple Diary € 12


      7. Girly Girl does Perfect Cosmetics: 
      • Tom Ford's Marvelous Make-up

      Click to review the Tom Ford Make-up Line

      A few of the available lip colours:

      • Armani High Precision Retouch Concealer € 27

        • Chanel Shade Parade €19 
        Especially dedicated to Luisa Ancona

          • The Bobbi Brown Make-Up Manual €12 

          • Shu Uemura Skin Care Selection
          For Uneven skin tones: 
          • White Recovery Brightening Cleansing Oil Advanced Formula € 27
          • Special Edition White Recovery Brightening Cleansing Oil Advanced Formula €60

          For Fatigued Skin:
          • Stage Performer Instant Glow € 35
          • Rejuvenus Instant Fatigue Corrector € 19,50

          For FUN:

          • Dance in Glitter Premium Limited Edition False Lashes € 75

          8. Girly girl does Chic Clean Looks: 

          • Top Shelf Love Bangel @ Urban Outfitters € 19 

          • ASOS Blazer with Contrasted Lapel € 56, 50
            • H&M Necklace € 12,95
            • Uteque Patent Butcher's with Gold Heel: € 89,95

               ....and again....

            • H&M Snakeskin Print Dress: € 12,99

            • H&M Black Clutch € 19,95
            • ASOS Necklace: € 35
            • ASOS Retro Style Digital Watch € 19


            9. Girly Girl Does All that Glitters and Sparkles: 

            From Left to Right:
            • Zara Bow Bag: € 49,95
            • ASOS Colourblock Hard Clutch € 30
            • Aldo Summerhill Glitter Bow Bag available at ASOS € 40

            ...And again, for those who DREAM BIG: Miu Miu's take on Sparkle and Shine....

            • Miu Miu's Pinks and Reds:

            • Judith Lieber Pink Cupcake Clutch:

            • ASOS Gold Bow Belt & Lanvin Green Satin Shell Evening Bag:


              10. Pretty Pinks for the Classic Girly Girl:

               Above: Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf, Pretty in Pink
              Especially Dedicated to Matilde Azevedo Neves
              • Prada's Pretty Pink Bow Wallet €330
                        Click here to shop the wallet 

              • The Tangle Teezer € 12
              The Girly Girl's guide to perfect silky hair. It changes lives, really. My hair was never the same. 

              Especially dedicated to Pia d'Iribarne

              Change your hair's life by clicking here

              • Sex and the City: Kiss and Tell €11
              Any girly girl would kill for this book. 
              Especially dedicated to Rita de La Bletière
              Check out the content by clicking here

              11. CLV's Personal Favourite

              Our own Local Luxury:
              • Portugal's very own Fashionistas World Press Shop Bracelets:
              Click to shop and view more items from Fashionistas World Shop

              We hope you enjoyed the girly girl wish list as much as we enjoyed making it. 

              During the next three weeks before Christmas we will be posting Fabulous Readers' Wishlists so Keep Reading (click to  like the Fabulous Letters From Lisbon page on Facebook!)

              If you have any suggestions or would like to add your own unique choice of girly girl products to the girly girl wish list click and email Fabulous Letters From Lisbon.

              So in the words of Blair Waldorf

              But thankfully you do, because everything you need to know about shopping for a girly girl this Christmas is listed above...

              Lots of Love From Fabulous Lisbon,



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